Client Testimonials

  • We engaged Andrew McFarlane and The Start A Juice Bar agency to assist in the launching of our flagship Juice Ba, RAWkin’ Juice.

    We requested a wide spectrum of services from him including kitchen layout, equipment purchases, build out management, operating strategies, consultation on hiring of employees and managers, marketing and sales strategies, recipe and food recommendations and formulas, advertising and launch strategies, as well as start-up applications and permits.

    I found their team to be very well informed and very skilled in the execution of all tasks. I don’t believe we could have successfully opened the store without his expertise and guidance.

    In short, I find the Start A Juice Bar agency to be an experts in their field and quite capable of conveying their knowledge. I would give the highest of recommendation regarding this services.

    Larry Biggs
  • I had the fortune of being introduced to Andrew through a mutual friend, at the time my business partners and I were in the mist of opening a juice bar and living foods cafe. during our first meeting with Andrew , we were experiencing questions and issues that can be innate to this type of business…but were not familiar to us. we collectively decided to hire Andrew as our business consultant.

    Andrew has proven to be an invaluable asset to us and our business in the aspects of defining, crafting and ultimately opening our juice bar. Andrew is knowledgeable in all aspects of this type of business. his intuition, grounded understanding and maverick ideas have been an integral part of the processes we have incorporated into our new venture. i would highly recommend Andrew’s consulting services to anyone who is considering opening and operating a business in this field.

    Sherry Tripp
  • I can truly say hiring The Start A Juice Bar Agency was the best decision/investment I made when I decided to start my juice lounge. Their knowledge and guidance allowed me to start a business with no prior experience. From assisting me with creating a menu, to staff training, to operations management, they will teach you every step of the way.

    In 6 months our business has gone from a dream and a goal, to generating 200k in sales and things are just getting started. We can’t thank them enough.

    Albert Colon
  • I can say without hesitation that I owe the successful launch of LA Press to Andrew. His thorough knowledge of the industry, his business acumen, and his integrity was evidenced in every step of the planning phase.

    Andrew is a consummate professional with a true passion for juicing. His personal experience as a business owner also gives him a unique perspective and credibility. I value Andrew’s opinions and guidance, and continue to use his services as a consultant. I surely could not have launched without him!

    Marla Gluck
  • I started my juice business with 0 knowledge on the juice business and I gotta say what you shared here was very helpful in organizing a lot of my ideas; The forms, lists, manuals and the e-course, was very on point. I wish I would have found you sooner. Thanks again.

    Noa Garcia Robles
  • I am grateful to have had Andrew and the Start A Juice Bar agency to guide us. All of the systems that I learned from them were easy to duplicate. I am now opening my second Gangster Vegan Organics location in Philadelphia. I can not speak highly enough about working with them.

  • After evaluating various Juice Bar franchise models for more than a year, we decided that launching our own venture could be the best option. Not having the experience needed, we felt Andrew at Start a Juice Bar could be extremely helpful to get Virtue Juice Bar off the ground. What a great decision this was since Andrew and his team have helped us every step of the way.

    Investing in his Full Scope Consulting Package, Andrew’s knowledge of space planning, costing and budgeting to recipe creation and marketing strategies proved to be invaluable. Andrew provided us just enough information to allow us to learn without giving us all the answers. He also provided us with pros/cons to allow us to formulate our own decisions. We loved this coach approach since it gave us just enough latitude to make Virtue unique but more than we needed to create a solid foundation for success.

    In addition to the technical aspects of Andrew’s services, it was his availability and response time that we appreciated most. Whenever we got stuck, having Andrew available for a call or for a quick email / text to get feedback was reassuring. Andrew and his team are passionate about their work. Their documents provided have saved us countless hours of creating them ourselves.

    If you are considering a similar juice bar venture and you need help like we did, we would highly recommend giving Andrew a call…

    Tom P
    Virtue Juice Bar

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