a Custom deliciously designed Menu for your Juice Bar


Our team of chefs and nutritionist have nearly 20 years experience in healthy food service and are well equipped to develop a unique, functional and tasty menu for your Juice Bar business.

Developing an amazing menu for your Juice Bar business is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success.

Contrary to popular belief, an amazing menu is more than recipes that taste great.

There are many practical elements that need to be taken into consideration for a business to function in a way that is production and operationally feasible. 

A great Menu takes 3 major things into consideration an executes them well.

1. Consistency Of Output – Your recipes need to come out to the desired measurement consistently. This will reduce waste and create consistency in taste.

2. Proper Inventory – Having the right ingredients, as well as the right number of items in your inventory will reduce spoilage, saves on labor and ultimately saves you money.

3. Great Tasting And Functional Recipes – It goes without saying that great juice and smoothie recipes not only have to be palatable but functional to the body.

If you would like to take the guess work and headache out of the process of developing your Juice Bar menu, please reach out to us so we can get you a quote today.

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Menu Costing

Once your menu is complete, we can also assist you in costing out your menu.

This is one of the most important things everyone knows they need to do, but few juice bar owners actually get around to doing. We will run all of the numbers for you, including all of the painstaking measuring of each drink, so you can feel confident in your costs.

If you are feeling challenged by this process, or simply do not have time, reach out for assistance.