X-1 Mini Cold Press Juicer | Product REVIEW and Specs


The X-1 Mini, produced by Goodnature, is the latest innovation in the cold pressed juicing industry.

This elegantly designed machine is a beautiful addition to the countertop of any juice bar.

But what makes it worth the $12,800 price tag?

#1 You can make and serve cold pressed juice on the spot


It has never been previously possible in the juicing industry to do made to order cold pressed juice, until now. This is a huge value add for customers who demand the freshest possible juice.

#2 Disposable and biodegradable press bags make cleaning much easier

Cold pressed juicers use press bags, which are basically like giant coffee filters or cheese cloth for juicers. Until now, these bags would have to be removed and cleaned after every press. The bags would even have to be stored in the freezer at night to prevent mold from growing on them. Disposable bags made from compostable and renewable material makes cleaning the X-1 mini a lot easier than other models.

#3 Automated press settings prevent machine breakages


The X-1 Mini features automated pressing with simple control settings. On other commercial presses the technician would need to adjust the press power level up and down manually while making juice. This is because if the pressure stays on high for too long the pistons will burst, which is not cheap to fix, potentially $5,000 to $10,000. These breakages happen often due to improperly trained or careless staff. But with the X-1 Mini, you can avoid this issue because the machine self regulates, meaning you can walk away and do something else while the machine is pressing.

#4 You can display it on your countertop


The X-1 Mini is the first ever commercial cold pressed juicer that can actually be displayed where your customers can see it. This adds massive value to customers because they can physically see their juice being made before their eyes. It is also a nice looking machine and will give you some added brand value.

#5 Wide hopper mouth means less prep time for your staff

Simply toss whole produce into the 4.3 inch hopper mouth to make juice. This is true of all commercial juicers, but is an important feature to mention considering the relatively small size of this juicer.

#6 Half the cost of other commercial juicers

Other commercial juicers cost $20,000 - $30,000, while X-1 Mini comes in at $12,800. It can’t do as much volume as other models, but it makes up for it in other areas.

Zumex Mastery Juicer

X-1  –  $25,000

Freshly Squeezed – $20,950

X-1 Mini – $12,800

#7 Uses standard DC volt power


Something you might not consider is that most commercial juicers use 220v power, which means extra work and more costs when it comes to your store build out. The X-1 mini plugs right into the standard wall socket.

#8 Fully enclosed grinder protects the operator and prevents contamination

You wouldn’t want a staff member losing a finger, and with the X-1 mini, that will never happen. Plus the enclosed model means the the pulp won't come flying back in your face when you attempt to grind your produce, which has been known to happen with other models of juicers.

Technical Specs


5 lbs. (2.3 kg) per batch

Max Output

3-6 gallons / 11-23 liters per hour - depends on ingredients

Power Requirements (US)

Single phase, 110v, 60Hz, 10-12 amps

Ratings / Certifications

NSF/ANSI STD 8, Pending: UL STD 763, Certified to CSA STD C22.2 #195 CE Compliant IEC Tested


169 lbs (76 kg)


24" x 15" x 30" (61cm x 38cm x 76cm)


Made in Buffalo, NY, USA – NAFTA certificate available upon request

Produce Varieties

Apple, kale, pineapple, spinach, almonds and other nuts, beet, celery, carrot, herbs, lemon, and hundreds more

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