Ready To Start Your Juice Bar? 

Here is the BluePrint


Hi, I'm Andrew McFarlane, 


Most people don't know that I've spent nearly the last decade mastering the details of why many juice companies fail and why many other juice bars succeed.

From starting my juice business with literally zero experience, and almost no money, I was able to go from having 1 single juice truck,.. multiple locations making  7 figures in a very short period of time.

My success was not without many initial challenges. In the process of running this business, I learned what works by learning what doesn't.

...I want to share these insights with you.


Get Things Right The First Time

Don't Let All The Things Overwhelm You, I'm Here To Help


The Good News...

YES, YOU CAN have a Juice Bar that brings health to the world and makes you a lot of money in the process.



But, In order to make that happen...

You have to do what works, can not just believe that your passion will be enough to make you successful.

It Won't...


I can not tell you...

 how amazing it feels it is to have a business that inspires a sense of community while allowing you to be in a place where you don't have to worry about money every again. 


To meet people with goals to lose weight, get healthy, and actually, have them realize their goals through your business. 

To hire a staff, that will become a team, then eventually become your family is such a profound thing to experience.

 These are all of the things that really made any challenges that I went through worth it. 




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In Truth:

If you are feeling anything like I did when I first got started, I can only imagine that you are equally as excited as you are confused and overwhelmed by all the things you don't know.

There are so many things I didn't know initially. I honestly didn't even know what questions I should be asking...

 This course...

will give you clear insights into elements of this that you probably never even thought of. 

It will give you a detailed blueprint that will leave you feeling clear and confident as to what step by step actions you need to take to build a successful Juice Business as soon as you are finished. 


I Am Aware:

Many of you out there that are considering this course are from all over the world. 

 In consideration of this, I created this course so that everyone who takes it will be able to utilize the information within it.  

Every serial entrepreneur knows that no matter where you are, the principles that make a business successful are the same...the rest is just a technicality. 



I Created This Course Because:

 I know when you are starting a small business finances can be tight...and you might not have $10,000 or more to invest in hiring me as a personal Juice Bar Consultant.

So, I created this video course as a solution. 

 This course has over half a decade of experience packed into it. 


And lastly:  

If you take this E-course and you still have questions when you are complete, 

Email me and I will set up a time to reach out to you personally and make sure I answer whatever remaining questions you have.

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How Amazing Would It Feel To Know The Exact Steps You Need To Take To Open A Successful Juice Bar? 

I know, silly question. It would feel great! 

The information that I'm giving you in this course is not theoretical, it comes from experience. 

I'm sharing the keys and secrets that I used to make my business go from a Truck to multiple stores in a short period of time. 


When You're Done With The Course You Will Know How To:


Design a Great Menu 

shutterstock_415953670 (2) (1).jpg

Find The Perfect Location

shutterstock_256145128 (2).jpg

Find Produce Vendors


shutterstock_400181515 (2).jpg

What Equipment To Buy


And So Much More...

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What's Inside The Course? 

17 video lessons + 3 bonus videos

7 Document Templates + 1 sample menu


Lessons Wil Include: 

* Your Business Plan 

* Creating Your Menu

* Budgeting 

* Equipment Master Class 

* Marketing and Branding 

* Finding The Perfect Location

* Finding and Managing Vendors

* Managing Labor

* Administration


Bonus Lesson Include: 

* The 100K Juice Bar business secret how to run your business secret 







5 Proven Methods For Marketing Your Juice Bar For Maximum Sales...

How to target and sell to your ideal customers... and most importantly, connect with them in deeper ways that make them trust you, like you, and become raving fans and repeat buyers.

7 Secrets For Creating Healthy, Delicious & Highly Profitable Menus...

How to choose the "right foods" in the right proportions and combinations that require less time, less effort, and low cost to produce, but most importantly, that people absolutely crave.

Includes My 6 Tried And True Methods For Preventing Your Costs From "Eating" Your Profits...

If you don't watch your costs carefully, you will quickly find it almost impossible to grow your juice bar, even if you're making a killing at sales, do this to spend less and profit more.

Everything you need to know about equipment...

Equipment mastery is a big bottleneck for most juice bar owners. This is an area I've finally mastered, after years of struggle and financial loss. I walk you through every piece of equipment you’ll ever need for your juice bar and I will actually show you how much I paid for my actual equipment.



And Over 10 Templates Included 

* Business Plan Template 

* Employee Manual 

* Employee Training Guide 

* Opening and Closing Checklist

* Par List

* Sample Inventory List 

* Cleanse Protocol Template

* & Sign-Up Forms 

* Vendor Price Guide Template


Noah Garcia Robles

This Course Easily Has A Value of Over $3000

But You Will Pay Less Than 1/10th That Price.



On top of everything, I am offering a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. 

So this purchase is actually 100% Risk Free.


If you did not find the value in this course for any reason, send me an email at and I will refund your money, no questions asked