how to Start A juice bar inside of a gym…?

This article is going to outline some of the pros and cons as well as some necessary tips that you can take in order to open a juice bar inside a gym.

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Juice bars and gyms go together like peanut butter and jelly (hopefully the healthy version).

The process of launching a juice bar inside of a gym is one that is generally easier and a lot less expensive in terms of upfront costs.

Starting a juice bar inside of an already successful gym business is a great first step in building your juice bar brand. You could equally consider launching a juice bar inside of a yoga studio or other fitness center, so everything that I write in this article will apply to these scenarios as well.

Figure Out A Creative Relationship With the gym Owner

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Some gym owners may be willing to finance the build out of your space considering that they are the primary leaseholder and will have more freedom to dictate if you as a business owner will continue to run the juice bar.

Some gym owners may consider a more creative financial relationship where a portion of the expenses are split according to what might stay with the business and what might leave in the event that the relationship isn’t fruitful.

For example, the gym owner may pay for the structural elements meaning countertops, plumbing, and electrical, and then you as the perspective juice bar owner would agree to pay for all of the equipment inside the establishment. The reason being is that you can’t take the structural element with you, but in the event that things don’t go well, you could sell of the equipment and leave with that at a minimum.  

A gym owner is motivated to build this kind of relationship since it will bring value to their business by offering this service to their clientele.

In approaching a gym owner, you will just need to convince them that you are going to be a high quality and responsible operator.


I personally recommend–if you have the capacity–to make sure that you brand your juice bar business as a separate entity than the gym itself. This will actually protect you and the gym owner from any issues when it comes to maintaining the quality of individual brands. This will also support you in the future if you decide to expand your brand into other retails location or inside of other gyms.

A Juice Bar in a Gym Means Limited Space

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SPACE is always one of the biggest considerations when it comes to opening a juice bar inside of an already established environment. Since running a juice bar isn’t their primary business and will often times be an after thought, the space allocated for this service is usually limited.

This means, it will take a lot of creative design and thought on your menu offerings, as well as location design to make sure that you are getting the most profit per square foot. It may be wise to consider strictly focusing on smoothies and acai bowls, and other easy to create offerings for people that want something pre and post workout.

I would say avoid making juice, or make minimal amounts because when your space is limited your margins will be higher on smoothies as opposed to juices.


You want to make sure that you established a minimum of two to three years considering the upfront investment.

You also want to make sure that this business is one that is thriving and financially stable. Don’t end up in a situation where your juice bar is attempting to revitalize and fix a failing gym because you could be putting yourself at significant financial risk. You should expect to invest in a realm of $30,000 USD – 70,000 USD. This depends on the size of the juice bar that you are establishing and the kind of equipment you will use.


Opening up a juice bar inside a gym or other fitness-oriented business could be one of the wisest moves for your start-up juice bar brand. You will be exposed to your target demographic who are highly motivated to purchase your product. The relationship between a gym owner in yourself, is mutually beneficial since you are both services each other’s needs.

You could expect to capture at least 30% of all the visiting member on a daily basis. So, when considering opening a juice bar inside of a gym it would be wise to ask the business owner what the average number of the daily visitor is.

Based on this, you should be able to do a rough financial projection to consider if opening up a juice bar inside this particular gym is going to be lucrative and worth your energy.

If you are considering opening up a juice bar inside a gym and have questions or need support, please feel free to reach out to us as we would love to help you to launch and grow your juice bar business.

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