Is Your Business Plan Standing In Your Way Of Launching Your Juice Bar?

In this article I am going to share some of the key elements that must be present in a good business plan. At the end of the article I will...
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One Reason I Really Want Your Juice Bar To Succeed

I want your juice bar to succeed because the world needs it.Often times people start juice bars purely because they are passionate about juice and health. Their hearts are really...
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Why Did My Former Employee’s Juice Bar Fail?

I want to share a unfortunate but true story with you...A few years into running my business, I hired one of LA's most experienced juice bar consultants to work at...
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Glass or Plastic Bottles for your Juice Business?

One decision you will need to make before you launch your juice bar is whether to use glass bottles or plastic. I personally lean toward glass for a few reasons.
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Juice Bar Business Partner – Should You Have One?

Getting into a business partnership can be the best decision you will ever make, and it might also be the worst. Should you get a business partner for your juice...
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Why My Juice Bar Almost Went Out Of Business

Along the journey of reaching the point where I had two highly profitable juice bars in Los Angeles's there were many challenges. There were multiple times, especially in the beginning,...
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Top 5 Business Book Recommendations

If you want to have a successful juice bar you need to put yourself in the mindset of a business owner. I have seen people fail many times thinking that...
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Juice Truck Business Pros and Cons | Start A Juice Bar Agency

Before I opened my first brick and mortar location in Los Angeles I got started with a juice truck. I won’t say that you should do this as well, because...
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Your Juice Bar Operations Paperwork | Juice Bar Experts

In my experience with owning two juice bars in Los Angeles I found that there were a few key documents I had to create that ended up making my life...
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Why You Need A Mentor in the Juice Bar Business

When I was first starting my juice bar business I absolutely did not want to hear this and it is that you need a mentor. You need someone who has...
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Why You Shouldn’t Buy A Juice Bar Franchise

The fact is that from the juice franchises I’ve looked at, none of them are even close to the standards that I held my juice bar, and more importantly where...
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Juice Bar Profit and Loss Statement | Juice Bar Experts

If you don’t know how much money you’re making or losing, then you don’t really know your business. Your juice bar profit and loss statement is key to knowing your...
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