Top 5 Hints to Help You Name Your Menu Items

So you have crafted a menu full of delicious recipes that you are excited to share with your customers! Choosing fun and creative names is a wonderful way to engage with customers, making them even more enthusiastic about trying what you have to offer. Here are some pro-tips that will help inspire you in the naming process.

1. Look at the ingredients.

Are there any ingredients that stand out either individually or work together in harmony to create a specific flavor profile? Sometimes the ingredients can be featured in a name in a fun way that also gives your client an idea of how an item will taste. 

For example, a smoothie with beetroot, might be called “Stop the Beet” 

Or if there are a number of berries or citrus’ used in one recipe, you might call them “Berry Bush” or “Citrus Circus”

2. Color and Composition

The actual composition of a recipe can also be helpful in name development. 

For example, if blue spirulina is featured, you may end up with a product that is blue in color, or a smoothie with kale and spinach will become green. Have fun with that! “Blue Dream”, “Mood Ring”, “Green Machine” or “Garden Party” are some color-themed name options.

3. Health benefits

Depending on your ingredients, many of your recipes might have certain nutritional benefits that can be highlighted in the name. The nutritional properties of your products are a major selling point that you can be proud of and your customers will be excited to know about. Keep them informed with a creative name!

You can be as direct as using names like “Balance”, “Energize” or “Flow” to allude to the effect an item might have or you can be more subtle, for example, if a smoothie has collagen in it you can call it “Spa Day”, as collagen supports skin health.

4. Brand Theme

If your brand has a strong theme, menu naming presents a great opportunity to incorporate the brand voice. For example, if you have ties to organic farms, a certain musical genre or a specific era these themes can be a wonderful source of inspiration!

For example, with a planetary theme, menu names could include “3rd Rock”, “Launch Code”, or “Moon Shoes”

5. Location

Tapping into the local culture is a wonderful way to connect with customers and establish your business as a go-to destination for residents and visitors alike. There are many opportunities for word play: reference historical events, cultural symbols, or celebrating landmarks with your product names.

What is most important about menu naming is that you have fun as you go along. After all, you want your customers to enjoy the process of selecting from your menu, so you can have some fun giving items names as you imagine them interacting with your product. Share with friends and family or others who know your brand and area well to see how they respond.

Take the pressure off of yourself to sound cool or trendy. Your goal is to make easy and memorable names, so make that your focus. Again, while looking at your menu, customers generally wonder “What does this taste like?” and “What are the nutritional benefits of that?”. The more you can help to answer those questions the more easily they can make an informed decision for themselves. Always keep in mind the joy that sharing the fruits of your labor will give you and these names will come to you with ease.

If you need assistance developing your menu or any other part of your business, reach out to us so we can support you.

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