5 Things that will make customers stop coming to your Juice Bar

5 Things that will prevent customers from stepping into your Juice Bar

Mistakes happen, we know everyone makes them, we are only human and in general, are fallible. Hindsight would be a wonderful thing to save those mistakes from happening, to protect us from embarrassment and that sinking feeling in our stomachs. However, we don’t want to make the same mistakes repeatedly as this could have a detrimental effect on your revenue and reputation. 

Below we have highlighted 5 main points that will prevent customers from walking into your juice bar, and how we can prevent them! –

1. First impressions count. In all aspects of life. We only get one opportunity, so we have to make it count. It can be very difficult to bounce back if you’ve opened your juice bar with mistakes which in turn, gives your customers bad experiences and stops them from returning. Creating a pool of loyal customers plays a huge part in a successful business, they help to improve brand image, share positive experiences with potential new clients and increase profit overall. 

2. Isn’t it frustrating when you go to a restaurant and your food arrives on your table over an hour late? Can kill the whole vibe of your evening out, left feeling disrespected and undervalued. It’s exactly the same for your juice bar. Time is our greatest resource that everyone is looking to capitalize on, and have more of as we can’t get it back once it’s utilized! If you aren’t executing efficiently, your customers will become impatient and go elsewhere. Once someone has ordered, we need to make sure the juice is in their hands around 2 minutes after. Before you open, make sure your team has plenty of practice making the drinks, and know the recipes off by heart! 

3. Inconsistency in product delivery – Trust is really the only currency to ensure your customers will return and new ones enter. Customers don’t invest money in businesses they don’t trust. We can’t be giving one customer a cup half full and the next overflowing! A business is really no different to a relationship with a person if someone is inconsistent and keeps letting you down, doesn’t turn up on time, etc you start to become less interested and invested. It’s exactly the same as your juice bar! Consistency develops routines and builds momentum, crucial for a successful business. 

4. Poor Customer Service – Before the grand opening, you must make sure every single team member has been fully trained, not just in making the product but how to interact and speak to clients. A smile goes a long way and doesn’t cost anything. Great everyone in a friendly manner and listens to their needs. If you receive a complaint, remember to stay calm. Sit down with them, listen well, let the customer blow off some steam, apologize, get the facts and offer a solution. This really shows you care how they feel, and should protect the relationship for them to return next time. 

5. Feelings of mistrust – this usually comes from customers questioning the integrity of the business, and the owner. In this huge health industry we now live in, unfortunately, not everyone is true to their word. For example, claiming to be organic but using normal produce. Once businesses start to grow, they look for shortcuts to saving a few pennies by skipping on the quality of ingredients. Customers are not naive and can tell when something doesn’t add up. This could actually lead to customers becoming angry in your bar and raising their voice, which will have a detrimental effect on anyone else around at the time! Don’t try and be smart, stick to your ethos and keep your clients happy. 

It’s simple maths really, keep your customers happy, be consistent, friendly and professional and they will keep coming back! Loyal customers equal more revenue and a higher profit.

Let us help you become the best juice bar in the business. Get in contact to set up a free consultation call! 


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