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Many juice bars struggle with sales in the winter because they fail to adapt to the seasonal change. There are many things you can do in the winter to keep sales up including marketing new products and offering delivery services.

 The first thing to recognize within this conversation is that the juice business is seasonal and you are likely going to experience a dip in sales over the winter. Some people panic when this happens and end up wasting money doing extra marketing for example. When you can anticipate a period of lower sales, it will not stress you out as much when it happens. Above all, don’t panic and adjust accordingly.

Be clear about your marketing

When it comes to selling juice in the winter you definitely want to be clear on your marketing.

One product you might want to consider offering in the winter are juices designed to help people with colds and flus.

Many people get sick in the winter, so you could come out with a juice called the “cold killer” or something similar, to remedy this issue.

 Something else juice bars often overlook in winter months is offering hot products like teas, herbal tonics and soups. Especially if you are marketing your products from a health perspective, this will fit in with your brand well. 

Timing is key

Another mistake I’ve seen people make is waiting too long to launch these new products. It would be wise to begin to introduce these new items in the fall. This way people become familiar with the new items as the weather starts to slowly shift. 

In the winter time people also tend to go out less so you might want to think about offering delivery for your products.

A good delivery system can really boost sales in the cold months, when peoples natural instinct is to stay inside.

These are just a few tips that will help you improve sales in the winter. 

On a side, but related note, be sure to take proper measures to manage your labor expenses as your sales are reduced in the colder months. Be sure not to have your staffing expenses run too high if your gross sales are in a decline.

I explore this concept–and give you absolutely everything you could ever need to open a juice bar– in my online course. Good luck and stay warm!


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  1. Erin Turner

    Good afternoon,
    We are researching how to start our own juice business in Florida. We want to start making raw juice from our home and delivering them until everything gradually gets back to “normal.” Befire starting we want to know if there are laws or restrictions from starting in our kitchen. Do you have any insight?

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