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Before I opened my first brick and mortar location in Los Angeles I got started with a juice truck. I won’t say that you should do this as well, because there are a ton challenges with beverage service from a juice truck. There are many things you might not have thought of which I outline here. It did work for me eventually, once I figured it all out, so it is an interesting model to consider.

The Bad News About Going With a Juice Truck

Limited space

You are running a whole kitchen from a tiny space and it can get really cramped inside. In terms of storage you only have so much space to store your produce and finished drinks. It’s possible to make it work, but you really need to manage the space effectively. On a truck you also only have so much water–in my experience 50 gallons–and I had to manage this limited supply for keeping everything clean.

Mechanical Issues

Typically the truck you lease is going to be an older model, unless you can afford to get something brand new. There are so many things that can break. I’ve had the refrigeration system break down, plumbing not work and the generator can even go out. This puts you in a position where you might have a lot of spoilage and worse you can’t even serve customers. If something breaks and you lose a bunch of product to spoilage, don’t expect the leasing company to reimburse you.

Driving Around Can Be Dangerous

The fact is you are driving a restaurant on wheels. I’ve hit pot holes and had the refrigerator open causing everything to break and juice to spill all over the truck so it helps to be able to secure everything down tightly.

More Fixed Expenses Than you Might Think

You might be spending more per month than you think because there are hidden costs to a juice truck. Unless you decide to buy a truck, your cost to lease a one will be something in range of $1500 – $2000.

Less Obvious Costs You’ll Need To Pay 

Getting into less obvious costs, you will need to pay for a commissary. This is a place where you can park your truck, recharge the generator, refill your water and clean the vehicle. This is going to run you around $1000 per month.

These trucks also don’t get very good mileage and I was spending $600 a month minimum on fuel.

Depending on where you are you might get a lot of parking tickets as well. At one point I was getting tickets every few days for $60 and it was adding up quick. It might sound crazy, but you may have to budget for tickets.

In total you’re looking at around $4000 a month in fixed expenses. This could actually get you a decent sized store space depending on your location.

The Benefits Of Having a Juice Truck

Cost Of Entry

I got into my first juice truck with an investment around $30,000, much cheaper than diving into a store for sure.


Location may be the most important is determining the success of your juice business. With a truck you can test different areas as you go and find a spot with your target market. It’s even good testing for opening your store. You may find an awesome neighborhood and eventually transition to a brick and mortar spot in that same area.

You Have A Moving Billboard

You may have other products that you want to advertise so the side of your truck can work to your advantage. You can even use it to raise awareness about a future store location.

It’s A Novel Concept

The idea of a juice truck is likely something people haven’t seen before. If you can give people a unique experience for grabbing a juice, they will come back and support you.

Overall you have to decide what kind of brand you want to create. A truck can be a good stepping stone into your first store, but it is by no means easy.

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